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February 01, 2014

Updated the Binding MOAD data (version 2012)

January 30, 2014

bug fixes

November 05, 2012

Updated the PDBbind data (version 2012)


Understanding the binding affinity data of protein-ligand complex is important for investigating the structure-activity relationship, designing of scoring function, and computational structure-based drug design. We build a Protein-Ligand binding information Database (AutoBind) that based on automated information extraction techniques to collect majority binding affinity data from the primary references of Protein Databank that contains the information of the binding measurements. AutoBind collect and update data every month, it allows users effective to access the rich and up-to-date than other database. AutoBind not only provide simple affinities value but also display full sentences which describe particular relation of protein binding.

Data Updated

Last Update: December 17, 2015 (GMT+8)


15,116 entries of protein-ligand binding affinity data